The Health Alliance provides a space for individuals and organisations from across the system to come together to develop a shared understanding of the problems and develop shared solutions that are good for people, and for the system itself. 

While there are many efforts to create change and deliver better outcomes within different parts of the health system, to have real impact, change needs to occur throughout the patient’s journey. The Alliance provides a space for different stakeholders come together on equal ground and to work together to improve care in ways that any one part of the sector can’t do alone.

The work of the Alliance aims to realign current resources and deliver care in a more coordinated and integrated way, improving health outcomes, and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the health system itself. 

In mid-2021, Deloitte evaluated the role of the Health Alliance finding:

"The Health Alliance has continued to exercise and evolve its role as a facilitator of collaborative problem solving across the sector in Brisbane North. The characteristics of neutrality, trust and respect that have been solidified by the Health Alliance are seen by stakeholders as the foundations of the future ways of working between Metro North Health and the PHN".

The Health Alliance's future role was also explored in the evaluation report, with evidence from the first few years of implementation demonstrating that the concept could be sustained and scaled in other regions.

 You can view the full report here.