The Health Alliance has a small team of five as well as part-time support from three General Practice Liaison Officers (GPLOs). 

The Alliance also has direct engagement with existing Metro North HHS structures like the Health Services Strategy and Operational Leadership Team meetings, and the Brisbane North PHN management team.  


  • Don Matheson

    Don Matheson

    General Manager

    Don Matheson is the General Manager of the Health Alliance between Metro North Hospital and Health Service and Brisbane North PHN.

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  • Jeanelle Gibson

    Jeanelle Gibson

    Development Lead

    Jeanelle Gibson is the Development Lead for the Health Alliance, and is driving the work focused on people with complex health and social needs, and children in Caboolture.

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  • Lisa Hannigan

    Lisa Hannigan

    Director of Operations

    Lisa Hannigan is the Director of Operations for the Health Alliance, supporting the development of the Ageing Well Initiative and the North Brisbane Health Information Initiative, a system that shares data across the sector.

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  • Mary Smareglia

    Mary Smareglia

    Project Officer

    Mary Smareglia is the Project Officer for the Health Alliance, supporting the team across all areas of activity.

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