Focusing on the start of life for children in Caboolture

Focusing on the start of life for children in Caboolture

A core group of senior representatives from across primary care and hospital and community services has come together united in their focus on improving the health outcomes for children in Caboolture. 

Facilitated by the Health Alliance, the core group consists of senior representatives from Caboolture Hospital, the Women’s and Children’s stream at Metro North Hospital and Health Service, Brisbane North PHN and Children’s Health Queensland Hospital and Health Service.

The core group agreed the overall scope of work would be from pre-conception to four years, with an initial focus on building supportive relationships in the care of children from birth to six months.

Health Alliance General Manager Professor Don Matheson said there was strong agreement on the need to take an early intervention approach to improving health outcomes for children in this region.

The work of the Alliance builds on a number of years of work undertaken to improve care for children in the region.

“We acknowledge the significant investment already undertaken across health and community services by government, private providers, community organisations and of course families,” Professor Matheson said.

“The main system challenge is that excellent work done within one part of the sector can be undone due to weak connection with other parts of a young child’s health journey. At times, optimal care suffers as a result.”

In late 2018, representatives from the Health Alliance met with key stakeholders in the wider Caboolture region, including families, to understand the current care experience in this period – what is working well and what could be improved. The views of over 80 stakeholders were heard, and work is continuing with this group to co-design system solutions for children and their families in Caboolture. 

In early March 2019, the Health Alliance is working in partnership with Children’s Health Queensland and Metro North Hospital and Health Service to convene a consultation workshop for local GPs, practice nurses, maternity services and child health nurses.

Many health professionals with an interest in women’s and children’s health practising in Caboolture are already registered for the workshop, which will focus on supporting general practice and continuity of care for children and families.