Next steps in improving health outcomes for children in Caboolture

Next steps in improving health outcomes for children in Caboolture

Starting Well Initiative

The Starting Well Initiative is a new maternity pathway implemented in partnership between the Health Alliance, Caboolture Hospital Maternity Services and Children’s Health Queensland’s Child Health Service. Initially, a small scale ‘proof of concept’ trial, the pathway has successfully enabled workers involved in the antenatal and postnatal period to work as a team beyond their organisational boundaries.  To build on this success and ensure all families who need the program can access it, the Health Alliance and its partners are working together to upscale the pathway across the catchment and beyond.

Population Statistic: Approximately 1,900 babies are born in the Caboolture Hospital catchment area.


For more information on the Starting Well Initiative, please see our last news update.



International Foundation for Integrated Care Acceleration Course (IFIC)

As a member of the International Foundation for Integrated Care, Children’s Health Queensland has invited key partners, including the Health Alliance, to participate in ‘Designing and Implementing Integrated Care’, an IFIC Accelerated Online Learning Course to further develop an integrated care project. The Starting Well Initiative has been nominated for the IFIC course to support the development of a plan to upscale the model across the region. The plan would include recommendations for the workforce and co-location opportunities as well as possibilities for a staged approach and adaptable elements of the pathway. The feedback will also assist with future advocacy and forecasting to meet the growing demand for services in the region. 



If you are interested in this work, please contact the Health Alliance Development Lead, Mary Smareglia, email: