The Ageing Well Initiative forging ahead in 2019

The Ageing Well Initiative forging ahead in 2019

Conversations continue at the highest level to address changing financing models in the region and to address what matters for older people, focusing on value rather than volume of activity.

The core group met in mid-December 2018 and more recently in February 2019 to review progress following the Convergence event and decide on the ongoing direction of the Ageing Well Initiative, including the role the core group will play in deciding what needs to be done and how program options should be prioritised. 

A number of 'Do it now' initiatives have commenced throughout the sector including:   

  • social prescribing 
  • expansion and focus of active@home in The Prince Charles Hospital area 
  • improving the awareness, sharing and accessibility of advanced care planning documents 
  • improving transport options for older people to access services and care at The Prince Charles Hospital and living well activities  
  • increased use of residential aged care facilities for emergency respite.  

Leaders have been identified across the sector to progress these initiatives within current resources. These leaders will call on the help of the sector to seek guidance and ideas as the initiatives progress.  

'Do it now' initiatives that were already progressing in the sector include:   

  • all formal and informal carers are offered flu vaccinations 
  • extension of Residential Aged Care District Assessment and Referral service (RADAR) operating hours 
  • standardised pathways for palliative care and end of life care across the region 
  • improved access to information for patients regarding palliative care options
  • increased awareness of palliative care apps among community clinicians.

Progress continues towards building a new system of care for older people in The Prince Charles Hospital catchment area. Our consultation findings focused on the need for improved patient-centred care coordination. Over the next few months the Health Alliance will facilitate development of a new system of care initially focusing on developing improved pathways and communication at the GP and specialist interface.