Update on the Ageing Well Initiative

Update on the Ageing Well Initiative

Hospital and primary care interface co-design

On 9 May, a group of general practice staff and specialists from The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) came together to continue co-designing a new model of care to address the interface between the hospital and primary care.
This event discussed identifying frailty in hospital and primary care settings and creating a common language to share information between practitioners caring for older people. We would like to thank the specialist and general practice staff who came along to the event and shared their views on the value of identifying frailty information in day to day practice and we look forward to working with you further over the next 8 -10 weeks.

We will be continuing our co-design journey via email, video/audioconference and practice visits over the next 8 -10 weeks, discussing new models to identify frailty across the sector and improve clinical handover and continuity of care for older patients in TPCH catchment area.
If you are a GP, practice nurse or practice manager who would like to be involved in our ongoing co-design process please drop us a line at contact@healthalliance.org.au. We look forward to your feedback and input to develop new models of care to address what really matters to older people.  

'Do it Now'

The ‘Do it Now’ initiatives are continuing to progress and build momentum. Thursday May 9 saw the first working group addressing improved awareness, accessibility and sharing of Advance Care Planning documents and improved workforce capacity to recognise dying and understand the trajectories in the end of life period.
Further work is progressing with Queensland Ambulance Service, Community and Oral Health and Brisbane North PHN to improve our response for older people who fall at home. This is a valuable initiative bringing the sector together to address what really matters to older people and improving the health outcomes for our community.