Our Work

Our Work

The focus of the Health Alliance to 2020 will be on improving the health and wellbeing of three population groups:

  • older people
  • people who frequently attend emergency departments
  • children in Caboolture. 

An additional area of focus is bringing data and information together across the health system, enabling health workers and organisations to form a more complete picture of the patient journey, and their impact on patients’ and populations’ health.

  • Older People

    Older People

    Within the current system, when an older person has a decline in function or becomes unwell, often their only option is to go to hospital despite their preference for care closer to home.

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  • ED Frequent Presenters

    ED Frequent Presenters

    Many people who frequently attend emergency departments experience complex physical and mental health issues along with social issues like insecure housing and social isolation.

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  • Children of Caboolture

    Children of Caboolture

    The high level of health need of children in Caboolture is overlaid with social factors, including significant socioeconomic disadvantage.

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  • Data and Information

    Data and Information

    The current health system is data rich, but the many different data sets are held in isolation, limiting the ability of the health system to take a holistic view of the patient journey, and to effectively and efficiently manage health system resources.

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