Data and Information

Data and Information

Why are we focused on this work?

The current health system is data rich, but the many different data sets are held in isolation, limiting the ability of the health system to take a holistic view of the patient journey, and to effectively and efficiently manage health system resources.

In addition, current arrangements have not supported clinicians and health service managers to engage with data and information related to the whole patient journey and a population health approach. 

The North Brisbane Health Information Initiative (NBHII) is a shared data platform where health data from across the sector can be integrated and made available to the sector.

It will increase data linkage and analytic capacity in concert with fostering the demand for this information across the sector by giving a more complete picture of population outcomes, patient experience, service utilisation and system performance. 

Key stakeholders

The Health Alliance is working with Queensland Health’s Clinical Excellence Division, Metro North HHS and Brisbane North PHN on this initiative. 

How have we progressed? 

In 2017, the Health Alliance worked to map the health data sets that are in use in the North Brisbane region. 

Since then, a Memorandum of Understanding has been developed to initiate this work, and a governance structure is under development. The governance structure will include the current project partners along with representatives from general practice and Indigenous service providers, and patients themselves. 

An initial use case has been developed, focused on older people living in The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) catchment. 

A governance structure, established in May 2018, consists of members from Metro North HHS (MNHHS), Clinical Excellence Queensland, Brisbane North PHN and General Practice. A steering group which reports to the governance group consists of members  from Clinical Excellence Queensland, Metro North IT, Metro North Clinicians, Brisbane North PHN, IUIH, Health Alliance and a GP Liaison Officer. 

De-identified dashboards to support the work of the Ageing Well Initiative in the Prince Charles/Chermside area are being developed and are receiving a favourable response from clinicians. The IT architecture for NBHII is almost finalised. Our current focus is on the design of a mechanism to record patient consent and the transfer of consented data from general practice to NBHII.