Older People

Older People

Why are we focused on this group?

Within the current system, when an older person has a decline in function or becomes unwell, often their only option is to go to hospital despite their preference to receive care closer to home.

Building on previous collaborative work across the local health sector, including the development of a five-year regional healthcare plan for older people, the Alliance is facilitating change in the way the health system responds to older people. 

Key stakeholders

Consumers and patients are the central focus of the Alliance’s work and in the past year there has been engagement with older people who live in a local retirement village and people who are clients of local aged care services. Metro North HHS and the PHN also have existing consumer networks that provide valuable input in to the Alliance’s work. 

The Alliance has a core group of stakeholders focused on improving care for older people, including representatives from Metro North HHS, Brisbane North PHN, Residential Aged Care Facilities, Queensland Ambulance Service, Indigenous service providers, non-government service providers, and general practice. 

Who is the Core Group? 

The core group consists of a range of stakeholders and service providers working with older people in The Prince Charles Hospital catchment. Core group membership includes:

  • Andy Carter, Community and Oral Health 
  • Ben Thomson, Institute for Urban Indigenous Health 
  • Brett Jones, Bolton Clarke
  • Dr Carmel Nelson, Institute for Urban Indigenous Health 
  • Cherylee Treloar, Footprints Inc
  • Hayley Middleton, Community and Oral Health Directorate 
  • Jill Robertson, Estia Health Albany Creek
  • Laurel Scott, Carer representative
  • Libby Dunstan, Brisbane North PHN
  • Dr Elizabeth Whiting, Metro North Hospital and Health Service 
  • Matthew Green, Queensland Ambulance Service 
  • Megan Kreis, Metro North Hospital and Health Service 
  • Michele Smith, Brisbane North PHN 
  • Nicole Da Silva, Bolton Clarke
  • Dr Vasie Naicker, Smart Clinics Walton Bridge

Members of the Health Alliance Older People Core Group at the Ageing Well Convergence, October 2018

How have we progressed? 

The core group has worked to develop a shared understanding of the challenges faced in providing the best possible care for older people across the sector.

With an initial focus on people over the age of 75 who live in The Prince Charles Hospital catchment, the Health Alliance is now working with hospital staff, general practitioners, Residential Aged Care Facilities and other key stakeholders to trial new ways of caring for older people both in the community and in Residential Aged Care Facilities.

In 2019 the core group, supported by the Health Alliance, will lead and facilitate a range of cross sectoral initiatives that can be started now without any further resourcing or funding to improve the health journey for older people in The Prince Charles Hospital area.

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