Your Care Closer

Your Care Closer

Why are we focused on this program?

The objective of this program is to bring care closer to home, closer in time and closer to meeting individual expectations as expressed by consumers themselves.

Within the current system, when an older person or individual living with a chronic disease has a decline in function or becomes unwell, often their only option is to go to hospital despite their preference to receive care closer to home.

This model of “Your Care Closer” is built upon previous collaborative work across the local health sector, including the development of a five-year regional healthcare plan for older people and most recently the Health Alliance’s “Ageing Well Initiative”.

It incorporates rapidly developing and embedding initiatives designed to enable care to be provided closer to or in a person’s home, that seek to reduce demand on Hospital and Health Service (HHS) facilities. 

This project brings primary and secondary care providers closer together by bringing them onto the same team, funded by the same employer, with access to the same services for patients whether the patient is in a Metro North Health facility, in a private general practice or in the patient’s usual residence.

It is conceivable that this initiative, if embraced at scale, could delay or even avoid the need for future investment in high-cost facility-based care infrastructure.

These initiatives build on fundamental shifts that have occurred in Australian society as a result of COVID-19.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Hospital in the Home (pilot)

Through extensive consultation and co-design as part of Your Care Closer, we have worked with our stakeholders to put together the, "Integrated Hospital in the Home - A Shared Care Model for Hospital in the Home for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in Brisbane North".


  • better health outcomes and experience for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients.
  • to improve access to culturally responsive care, closer to home.
  • create service capacity by reduced preventable presentations to hospitals, re-admissions to acute hospitals, reduced discharge against medical advice, increased HITH utilisation and fast tracked access to HITH for eligible patients.
  • to build on, not duplicated, the existing Metro North HITH Model of Care and Clinical Pathways, and complemented other strategies to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander HITH in Brisbane North.



  • contractual partnership between Metro North and a Community Controlled Health Service, brokered via the Health Alliance and Brisbane North PHN, to trial a shared care model of HITH.
  • the Alliance has contracted the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health (IUIH) to conduct and deliver the HITH pilot for eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients in the region.



  • across Metro North and Brisbane North catchment.



  • a GP from IUIH will work with acute HITH teams in Metro North to provide medical care in a patient's home and/or IUIH's primary care settings.
  • cultural support may be provided from IUIH Community Liaison Officers and IUIH Connect.
  • multiple pathways of entry through ED, Virtual ED, MN wards/service and direct referrals from IUIH GPs.




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